Investigating the prod-user relationship in unauthorised fan creativity

On Friday 20 March at 4.15pm in Room B 57 (Old College) Dr Krisofer Erickson, Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow, is presenting on the following topic:

Investigating the prod-user relationship in unauthorised fan creativity:
formal legal structures, informal community norms

Abstract: This talk reports on the results of a pilot study of production practices among fan communities engaged in unauthorised adaptation of commercial video game properties (‘fangames’). In addition to characterisation of production techniques, motivations and rationales, the study records legal status and outcomes of disputes emerging between fans and rightsholders for the 350 fan-made games contained in the sample.  The paper discusses the implications of these preliminary findings for theorists of bottom-up creativity and fandom, arguing that a more empirically-grounded approach to fan studies would offer insight on the precise role of fan production in the creative economy, an issue of concern to economists and policymakers.  The paper concludes by describing improvements that can be made to the computer-assisted content analysis approach used in the pilot study, and suggests expanding the study to capture a representative sample of fan production and legal outcomes by using a sampling frame of known commercial reference properties.  The methodology described could be adapted to neighbouring fan practices in literary fiction, TV and film.

The talk will be followed by a discussion and some refreshments. All staff, PhD and postgraduate students are welcome.